1. How much does shipping cost?
    • We ship absolutely FREE of charge!
  2. Can I create my own custom shoe design?

    • Yes! We offer an online shoe designer so you can change colours, add text, graphics, and more to create a truly customized shoe! Click here to shop our Custom offerings.
  3. Can I view my past custom designs I created?

    • Yes. Simply login to your account dashboard and you can view all past orders including all your custom designed products that you used our online designer with.
  4. Are your shoes brand name Vans/Converse/etc..?

    • No. Currently all our shoes are manufactured by hand by our manufacturing facility partner.
  5. Where do you ship to?
    • We ship worldwide!
  6. How comfortable are your shoes?
    • Our shoes are extremely comfortable. You can see the specs for each shoe under its individual product description.
  7. I can’t find my shoe size, do you offer it?
    • Our shoe sizes are listed under “Shoe Size (US)” on each product page. If you still cannot find your size please email us at [email protected] and we can double check for you. Please Note: If you are in a region such as Europe or UK (where the shoe sizes are listed as a different measurement) see the sizing chart also located on each product page.
  8. Do you have any retail stores carrying your product?
    • At this time we do not have any of our own retail stores or other stores carrying our product. If or when this changes we will be sure to notify all of our customers!
  9. Do you have any sales or promotions?
    • Yes we do! From time to time we offer “SALE” marked items which offer great discounts on a wide array of our products. We also offer coupon codes and promotions on our Facebook and Twitter pages from time to time.
  10. What colour are the soles on my specific shoe?
    • When you select any product on our online store, you will see “Sole & Lace Colour” or “Sole Colour” (for items which don’t have laces such as Slip On Shoes). Many of our products have both Black or White options while some only are white and some are only black.
  11. What if I need to make a return?
    • We offer a Risk Free shopping experience. Please see our Return/Refund Policy. We’re happy to help with any issue you may experience!
  12. How can I get in touch with you?
    • Email: [email protected] | Live Chat Support: (located at bottom right of every page) | Phone: 1.866.422.0421 | Facebook: here | Twitter: here.